Monsters In Every Man

by Through Lifeless Eyes

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piotr. Not enough Vildhjarta and Humanity's Last Breath in your life? Say hello to Through Lifeless Eyes. This is by far my favorite release of 2014. The perfectly crafted songs smoothly transition from unique, catchy hooks into face-smashing, thall-inspired breakdowns, while the scattered guitar-only interludes give me goosebumps. The drumming is fantastic at regulating the pace and the bellowing vocals could only have been recorded by the creature in the cover art. A band to certainly keep an eye on. Favorite track: Outro.
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released January 7, 2014

Monsters In Every Man was recorded and produced by Jon Davis

Jon Davis - Vocals/guitar
Ben Edlind - Guitar
Nick Rubin - Guitar
Kyle ledermann - Bass
Mayson Colon - Drums



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Through Lifeless Eyes Rochester, New York

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Track Name: Monsters in Every Man
The light of the moon
Shines bright, over these waters.
Its reflection from the sun
shows me the eye of the storm.

Waves collide, this is our future where are we headed?
Waves collide, this is our future where am I headed?

In all my years I've never found more beauty than what's in death.
As autumn leaves fall, a life is born in their decay.
And now it begins, an old life ends
making way for the monster in every man.
Track Name: The Machine
We're in the grind devoid of all that's flesh
Machines rust, covered in filth.
A tightening coil constricts to bind the soul
to the code of a brick in the wall.

Black and white are all i can see
in a gradient showing all we could be.
With open eyes we turn to the light
knowing not all that's blinding us from sight.

Lost, no matter which path we take
the machine swallows us in its wake.

Black and white are all that i can see
yet we are banished to the thin grey inbetween.
The light of the day molds with dark of the night
the days roll by without a color left in life.
Track Name: Sadness
Sadness paints the blue sky black in a portrait showing all my lost time.(x2)

Enter into the realm of the night.
The final sleepless thought that i fight: why?
Track Name: Apophis
There is no light under the horizon
as i have been banished from the sun.
For i have seen the eye of apophis
In a gaze of eternal dark

Miles of blackened skies
thrust what's left of my sanity
into the domain
where fear is all that shall remain.

will I let terror's plague
decide my fate?

The putrefaction of benevolence begins.
The fear arises
to mold unstable forms.
This process cannot be undone
until fear is all you know.

I have been cursed with repeating cycles
the life inside me grows old.
But this is where i reside.
Where my fear and i collide.
Track Name: A Shadow's Cast
stand clear of my neurotic mind
for I am cursed,
with environments reversed.
my ego fails
and all thought dissolves
into the fractal abyss.

I've unlocked a secret door
from which my mind has held the key.
my darkened past awakens me
to all these things I could not see

Dwelling on these malicious thoughts
ive been placed inside of my own vicious cycle
In contorted constructs of time
and dilated the fears of the mind

an enourmous force
has entwined my mind

(mensque pati durum sustinet ægra nihil
"a mind diseased cannot bear anything harsh"

Into fear

The terror wont relent
as chaos lurks my mind.
a shadow's been cast
to spread the dark upon my feeble kind

The terror wont relent.
The terror wont relent until you give into fear.
Until you give into fear.
Track Name: The Darkness Spreads
your voice calls
beckoning to me
from the halls deep within my mind

he resides
my inquisitor
he requests my divide

split up personas
feed off violent actions
and the time has come to feast

You bring slaves unarmed and shackled to the posts from which they came.

what is this anecdotal truth
that distorts reality
multidimensional self
commanding who i shall be
Darkness is the light that ill see
when the night becomes my day

This is the sound of my last scream as my body tears apart
rip me limb from fucking limb
bring me down to sleep tonight
Track Name: The Devil Inside

parasites are slowly reaping all they have sown

as this planet cries

we're forced to see the death of all that we've grown

cast me down from this blinding light

for every time a shadow's cast, the darkness spreads.

The darkness spreads, there is no escape

from the devil inside...

As this planet dies.
Track Name: Outro
A storm grows
to wash the mind away
the blind may speak but those who see
could never say
8 billion scream
the earth is at its knees.

massive structures shift to take their form
destroying the outline of what was left before

Time, condense yourself to fit this change
a hundred years of pain
in one day.

No words shall be heard from our muffled voice
we silence the stillborn cry of a peoples hope
and watch it die.

we'll bring this violence with us to the end.
There is no order to the chaos lying in your hand.

congregate into the focus shift
for our malicious intent we shall not repent
and without apprehension we just take another step
to spin our fucking wheels into the earth
below our feet.

massive structures shift to take their form
destroying the outline of what was left before

youve turned a cold shoulder
too many thus far
so stand in the ashes of kings
and watch as your world burns.

Do you fear the devil inside
who takes from darkness light?
for its he who has given me sight
to see through lifeless eyes.